Business Setup Services

We provide Business setup services for various types of business entities based on the objectives of the businessman and after having a detailed discussions with our clients regarding the state or states of operation, scale of operations and thereafter discussing the pros and cons of a particular form of organization that is most suitable to meet the criteria.

There are 7-8 types of entities that can be formed based on the discussions with the client. The type of entities that can be formed are:

Apart from the registration of the entity for carrying out business activities, there are other registrations also which are required depending upon the nature and type of business.

We provide all the services from Registration to filing to meeting other compliances under different legislations like:

After the registration of the entity and other necessary registrations depending on the nature and type of business carried on, there are other business setup services also that we provide e.g. startup advisory services, Fund raising services, Due diligence services etc.